Inspirations from his childhood, the constant search for fresh produce and a great personality. These are the elements that drive Chef Nick Stone.


1. Your restaurant/business:

Nick Stone Food Inc., chef consultant and small caterer.

2. Describe your kitchens:

Creative, always testing new ideas, techniques and flavours...... And music there’s ALWAYS loud music, Snoop Dog, West Coast Connection, Ice Cube..... Strictly no boy band One Direction rubbish.

3. Favourite Chef Works item and why:

My Valais white short sleeve cool vent chef jacket, it breathes and is perfect for summer in the kitchen.

4. First job:

My first job was at Rockefeller's in Hobart back in 1997, so many fond memories, working for the boys “Garry and Ian”, a couple of old fellas with handlebar mustaches, everything was over the top in that joint, complete task masters but great teachers!

5. Your cookbook:

My favourite cook books would have to be Momofuku, Pitt Cue Co., Mission Street Food.

6. Awards/Achievements:

When working for Hugos in Sydney I was lucky enough to be working with a brilliant team that picked up: winner 2011/2012 restaurant and caterers award for best pizza restaurant in Australia, and Winner 2011 restaurant and caterers award for best small boutique caterer.
Also being selected to be one of ten chefs from Sydney to be featured in the very first 2014 Gault & Millau Restaurant guides was a great honor.

7. Your cooking inspiration:

My inspiration has almost always come from growing up in Tasmania. Super fresh and always seasonal cool climate produce, a lot of the time picking our own herbs, shoots, tomatoes, stone fruit, digging fresh potatoes and fishing for the “escaped Farmed Atlantic salmon.

That’s what inspires me.

8. Your speciality dish:

PORK, without a doubt! Give me a side of rare breed Berkshire pork and I could feed an army.

9. Favourite dish to eat:

I basically live in Korea town here in Sydney, so fried chicken and Korean bbq is my thing.

10. Wierdest thing you have ever eaten:

Live octopus.

11. Favourite ice cream flavour:

Hazelnut, I love Nutella...... Guilty!

12. Favourite drink:

Spiced rum old fashioned.

13. Favourite wine:

2013 Yabby Lake Block 1 Pinot Noir. Just try and you'll know why. It’s not cheap but worth treating yourself.

14. Who would you most like to cook for:

Anyone who has an appetite for delicious food.

15. Who would you least like to cook for:

Food critiques.

16. Favourite things to do outside of the kitchen:

Beach, love the beach! So, surfing or fishing.

17. Your latest project:

Can’t say, I signed one of those forms …

18. Favourite city and why:

I have two, Bali for the surf and people and, if I don’t mention India, my wife (who is Indian) will probably kick me. The food, the people and the sensory explosion you get from walking around the markets is second to none.

19. Your greatest indulgence:

Salami and red wine.

20. Your all time best culinary tip:

Keep it simple, let the your cooking speak for itself and never over cook your greens!

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