Product Development

Product Development - Chef Works


From Concept to Completion, Chef Works is your top culinary apparel brand for hospitality & food service professionals worldwide. We manufacture expertly designed, innovative & practical clothing to ensure you can properly outfit you and your staff from head to toe. Chef Works is constantly analysing gaps in its product portfolio, and making educated decisions as to whether the product will suit the market, and align with its hospitality portfolio. Below are some of the processes that are involved in developing new products, depicting how the Chef Works brand is constantly striving to meet evolving fashion trends.


The Sketches: 

At our Headquarters in San Diego, California, there is a huge team of fashion and graphic designers, who are constantly developing new ways to create innovative and practical garments. Product Sketching is the first part of the product development cycle, and is done once the team has decided that this product will fit its product portfolio and is necessary. 


The Digital Drawings:

Once the product development team has agreed that this product will fit the portfolio & serves its purpose, the sketcher then works with a graphic designer to turn their sketchers into a digital mock-up. The graphic designer needs to ensure that the product trims, colour and design is completely reflected. This step is always a back and forward process between the product development team and designer to ensure it meets the goal.


The Tech-Pack:

After the digital drawings are completed, they are sent over to the 'Tech-pack Man' to be turned into what we call the product tech-pack. This is an extremely important document, as it houses all the product information for manufacturing. Just like a car is built exactly the same no matter which factory it is manufactured in, so too are our products. This allows us to manufacture a product in several factories around the world, and for it to come out the same in each of them. Being a global brand, we are very strict about these Tech-Packs, as we require each product to be identical whether you purchase it from the Brazil, Spain or in Australia.




The Pre-production Sample:

Now for the exciting part! After months of designing, debating and sketching a product, we can develop a pre-production sample for the team to review and get feedback on. It is often challenging to reach a conclusion, with opinions and input from a group of great designers from all over the world involved in this process. After days of discussion, the sample is either confirmed, or sent back to the factory for alterations and returned for final approval. 




The Factories:

Chef Works has multiple manufacturing facilities around the global to mitigate risk and maintain continuous supply chain. In recognising that quality is a key factor in the popularity and loyality to our brand, we apply an unwavering focus on quality and consistency in all areas of fabric development & garment construction. Part of this process includes manufacturing audits. Chef Works takes compliance seriously, which is why we enforce annual independent social compliance audits as part of our manufacturing operational procedures.