About Chef Works Australia

About Chef Works Australia - Chef Works

At Chef Works, we know hospitality. We pride ourselves on providing the best-quality apparel to empower hospitality professionals to reach their full potential. As the industry leader in the design, development and management of uniform and hospitality apparel globally, Chef Works is dedicated to delivering a solution that will fit your business and your uniform requirements. We aim to continuously innovate and build a community that shares our passion for hospitality.


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Our Values

Everything we do stems from our corporate values of integrity, loyalty, customer focus, teamwork, and innovation. As the world gets smaller and Chefs regularly relocate across the globe, we are proud that their loyalty to our brand travels with them. With a head office in Sydney and over 200 distributor partners across Australia and New Zealand, we value the long-term relationships we have built with our customers. 

Our Core Mission

"The creation of a dynamic company with talented and motivated people working together in order to achieve excellence in our industry by truly caring for our employees and our customers"

Our Product Lines

From Executive chefs to front desk personnel and housekeeping staff, the common thread is Chef Works’ commitment to excellence in design, superior choice of fabrics, stylish tailoring, durability and value. To ensure Chef Works remains a leading innovator in the apparel industry, regular discussions are held with panels of culinary and hospitality leaders to gather front-line feedback. These comments are immediately implemented in the design of new products and to enhance existing product lines. 

Our Commitment to a Greener World

At Chef Works, we recognize our responsibility to conduct business in a way that helps the environment and the communities we serve.  We are dedicated to continuously improving our performance in these areas by:

  • Putting the 4 "R"s - Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle - at the forefront of everything we do.
  • Promoting sensible environmental management policies and practices throughout the company and our global network.
  • Implementing goals for improving environmental performance.
  • Reviewing our processes to improve our environmental performance continuously.
  • Implementing a collaborative approach to our environmental practice, inviting employee recommendations, comments, and actions and rewarding individuals for their efforts.
  • Considering the environmental impacts of our manufacturing and purchasing decision.