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Our Ambassadors - Chef Works

Scott Greve

Scott is the Executive Head Chef at 6HEAD in Sydney. His passion for food was embedded at a young age growing up in Wales. His grandfather was a gamekeeper, his grandmother a baker and his father a caterer; suffice to say, becoming a chef was in his DNA. 

“The empowering thing for me as a chef is to build a kitchen brigade based on love and respect. And to work with the best producers that care about the land and the sea." 

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Claire Van Vuuren

Claire is the Chef and Owner of Bloodwood in Newtown, Sydney. Claire is passionate about the hospitality industry, a founding member of the Women In Hospitality network, she is a respected mentor in the community. 

“Whenever possible I try to nurture, mentor and look after other females who are emerging through their careers.” 

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Peter Kuruvita

Peter is the Chef and Restaurateur of Alba by Kuruvita in Noosa Heads, Queensland. His Sri Lankan heritage is expressed through his cooking and love for fresh spices. Having been a chef for forty years, Peter has a lot of experience and knowledge to pass on to his kitchen brigade. 

"Forget about TV shows, forget about fame, think about your passion, putting it on the plate and being there when you're needed."  

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Kay-Lene Tan

Kay-Lene is the Head Chef and Executive Pastry Chef of Tonka and Coda restaurants in Melbourne. Her passion for food is evident in the exceptional dishes she creates but also in her effervescent personality. A mentor in the kitchen, Kay-Lene encourages her staff to stay curious and push themselves to continuously learn. 

"What motivates me the most about being a chef is that I love food! Growing up in Singapore, I am Peranakan, so I try to infuse those food memories into the dishes I create. The great thing about being a chef is that it is a never-ending learning journey."

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