Part of the wonderful team behind Wolfe and Co. in Dural, NSW, is our May Chef of the Month, David Koorey. This restaurant is perfectly comprised of local ingredients and a community atmosphere.


1. Your restaurant/business

Wolfe & Co.

2. Describe your kitchens

Clean, organised, efficient.

3. Favourite Chef item and why

The Springfield Zipper Chef Jacket. They're super comfortable and great to work in, the new design is also a little different which I really like.

4. First job

Apprentice Chef at Lotel Darlinghurst.

5. Your cookbook

My favourite cookbook is The French Laundry Cookbook by Thomas Keller.

6. Awards/Achievements

I got invited to be in a book called 'great chefs of Australia', was Sous Chef of 'Harts' in Nottingham when we were voted best restaurant in English Midlands the same year as we received 4 rosettes. I was the youngest head chef of the Belgo restaurant group. 
And hoping my greatest achievement is in the future with Wolfe and Co.

7. Your cooking inspiration

Originally my mother and grandmother, in the early years it was Mauro Carpentieri from Two Chefs on Stanley, of the current superstar chefs it would have to be UK chef Jason Atherton.

8. Your speciality dish

Modern classic French no one dish in particular just modern twists on French classics.

9. Favourite dish to eat

Pippies in XO Sauce from Golden Century.

10. Weirdest thing you have ever eaten

Mountain oysters and I wouldn't have them again!.

11. Favourite ice cream flavour

I would have to be a traditionalist and say vanilla.

12. Favourite Drink

In summer a great Pimms cocktail and an amazing glass of Beaujolais.

13. Favourite wine


14. Who would you most like to cook for

A bit sentimental as she isn't around anymore but it would have to be my grandmother.

15. Who would you least like to cook for

Gordon Ramsay.

16. Favourite things to do outside of the kitchen

Time with family & golf.

17. Your latest project

Wolfe & Co. and also launching the business into evenings later in the year.

18. Favourite city and why

Barcelona. It's just cool.

19. Your greatest indulgence

I eat way too many Haribo sweets- but it is just that brand, it has to be just that brand.

20. Your all time best culinary tip

Keep things simple. Cook with love.