The Original Zipper Chef Jacket

The Original Zipper Chef Jacket  - Chef Works

Date Posted: 5 August 2019 


The solution to hot, unflattering chef jackets that haunt Australian Kitchens

At the time of Springfield’s conception in 2015, chef jackets with zippers were non-existent in the kitchen. But the Chef Works product development team, working closely with industry influencers, felt the tides would be shifting.

“We were looking for a way to be fresh and more innovative than what the rest of the industry was doing,” said Shannon Brown, product manager for Chef Works Australia.

“We could feel the demand was coming,” said Jeanine Patz, senior product manager for Chef Works. “Once that demand arrived, Springfield quickly became a bestseller because of the versatility, quick access in and out of the coat and cooling technology.”

When the team started designing the Springfield, they knew they wanted short sleeves and a zipper closure. Outside of that, the design was wide open.

“It doesn’t happen on paper,” Patz said. “Our team is very visual, so we started building the garment and then as we started working, we found ways to add the Cool Vent™ mesh panels, the moisture wicking fabrics, the pockets, etc. The personality of the garment presents itself as you’re creating it.”


Springfield Mens White Springfield Womens black Springfield Mens Red Springfield Mens sky blue


A variety of colours were also crucial in Springfield’s evolution. Thinking beyond the traditional white and black of the past helped our team establish Springfield’s foothold towards a new way to think about culinary apparel. Springfield can set a colour-coordinated tone, or help you stand out. 

Springfield is one of the most versatile coats in the Chef Works collection. Added to your rotation, we're confident it will be your most versatile coat as well.

Now offered in seven colours for men and four for women.

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At Chef Works, we are driven by those who are inspired by all things culinary. Fueled by the belief that every culinary professional deserves the right apparel and tools to enhance the work they do. We understand that the recipe for excellence goes far beyond simple ingredients.

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