New Restaurant Concepts to Keep on Your Radar

New Restaurant Concepts to Keep on Your Radar  - Chef Works

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How to Keep Your Restaurant Relevant

No matter how well-established your restaurant is, there’s no denying that food trends are always changing. Just as fashion runways swap out the old for new, so too does the restaurant industry evolve. New restaurant concepts come into existence every week, and it only takes one to catch on to change the scene as we know it.

Today it seems that peoples palates, tastes, and expectations around dining out are changing at an ever rapid pace. With the internet at our disposal, and more people dining out, there is an elevated pressure when it comes to keeping your restaurant relevant. The demand for new things challenges chefs and restauranteurs alike, to push the envelope, testing their creative skills every day, and there’s a lot of fun to be had in trying new concepts.

To help streamline your brainstorming process, we’ve compiled a summary of new restaurant concepts.

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New Restaurant Concepts That are Set to Take Off

  • Locavore Menus
  • Open Kitchens
  • Fermented Menu Options
  • Zero Waste Restaurants

What Is a Locavore?

The dictionary definition of a locavore is “a person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food.” While it’s not yet common terminology, it’s easy to believe that more people are leaning towards this type of diet.

With increased attention on the benefits of eating locally for both the planet and economy, many people are choosing this ethical diet. And your food options should reflect the demand. If having an entire locavore menu sounds a little over-the-top to you, start by highlighting the use of local produce, meat or dairy on your menu. You could add one option that is made entirely from local ingredients so that strict locavores will want to dine at your venue.


Why Do People Like Open Kitchens?

With the increasing popularity of culinary shows like Chef’s Table and Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, the public is beginning to cultivate an appreciation for the hard work that goes into cooking. No longer reserved for chefs, the kitchen is becoming a space of spectacle for everyday diners as well, and guests want to see what chefs are doing.

Why Fermentation?

Fermented foods are all the rage. The reason behind their increasing popularity is strongly related to the health benefits many fermented options provide. With more people focusing on gut health, and obsession with probiotics seems to be ever-growing.

This affinity towards all things gut-healing is excellent news for fermented foods, as many naturally contain probiotics due to the natural processes involved. Adding things like kimchi, miso, kombucha and sauerkraut to your restaurant’s dishes will win over the hearts of the most health-conscious diners.

It might sound strange, but fermented options are set to be some of the most popular choices on menus.

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What is a Zero Waste Restaurant?

All restaurants are familiar with waste. Whether it comes in the form of uneaten foods, corked wines, or broken glasses, there is waste being created left and right in the restaurant industry. In the recent past, many restaurants have adopted the concept of zero waste kitchens, but this is taken to the next level with the zero waste restaurant concept.

To generate no waste, restaurants are using non-disposable containers, limited menus and composting techniques. While it’s certainly not an easy feat for every restaurant, trying to reduce your venue’s waste is a great place to start. Incorporating that message throughout your entire restaurant will not only help your numbers grow but will also be much better for our planet.

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Whether you decide to adopt one or all of these concepts, knowing ‘what’s coming next’ is always a good idea. When playing off of popular concepts, keep in mind your restaurant’s initial vision and find creative ways to incorporate new ideas without losing your core identity.

If something sounds too far-fetched for you to adopt, think of ways that you can take the concept and shape it into something that works. Not only will these small changes impress customers, but they’ll also challenge you to continue to grow your restaurant’s potential.

*Credit to Insider for the industry insights.

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