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Juliana Frances with book

Juliana Frances with her book

Chefs Stories Unmasked

We chat with Juliana Frances, bestselling author of Chefs Stories Unmasked, a powerful collection of inspirational accounts and stories from Australia's culinary elite, sharing their personal and professional lives and experiences.

Chefs Stories Unmasked shines a light on what makes chefs tick, what drives them, and what led them into the kitchen in the first place.

'Inspiration', says Juliana, 'came from the adventures and experiences working alongside my son David, who is a chef. The triumphs, tragedies, challenging personalities and creativity.'


'We operated a large Bio-Dynamic dairy farm for 17 years. We still have close ties to the farming community and witnessed the depression and stress caused from the recent tough conditions faced by Australia’s dairy industry. There are so many unique and important stories to tell in our fascinating hospitality industry.'

This book showcases renowned food producers, celebrating their sustainable, organic, and seasonal stories.

"I want this book to serve as a wellspring of knowledge to the discerning chef, who wishes to achieve greater success in their field. Create a sense of comradery and teamwork with positive eye-opening information that will open new doorways to an exciting future."

Executive Chef of Homage Restaurant, Ash Martin, adds his expert thoughts on ethically and sustainable cooking practices. 'We grow our produce and raise our chickens to reduce the carbon footprint of our food, as well as to guarantee origin and freshness. Everything is grown and cooked here, bringing soul and feeling to every dish.'

'Sometimes we can take for granted what we do at work' Martin adds, 'We might be tempted to think, "Oh shit, I've got to do this today", but we've learned to step back and let our guests drive our excitement and will to keep pushing boundaries. We used to work 15 hours a day. Now it's only 8-10 hour days, we're going for a run on our break, and eating healthy staff dinners. Really if you feel good inside it shows in your food.'

For those who work the line, living these stories day-to-day, Chefs Stories Unmasked serves as an essential investment in their career. It's a collaboration of celebrated chefs and growers, each painting a vivid image based on combined years of knowledge and experience to help you grow in success & fulfilment.

Steve Baar, Executive chef at University House, Melbourne University, states 'Many things have changed over the years, and it's refreshing to see that so many chefs are now taking their own physical and mental health more seriously. They are eating better, exercising and taking time out for themselves and their families.'

I work in a workshop, which happens to be a kitchen. I walk in and ask, "What will I build today?" After 40 years of cooking, I'm still as engaged and enthusiastic as ever because there is always something interesting to do.'

Chef's displaying teamwork

Chefs Stories Unmasked extolls the importance of teamwork, communication skills, attitude, creativity, and work ethic in the kitchen.

  • Share your creativity with the world
  • Make your failures your best friend
  • You need to be passionately inspired and keep that twinkle in your eye.

'Chefs work by embracing the people around them as they handle the fast-paced nature of this industry.' notes Juliana, 'Their common goal is to function within the team, with a shared objective.'

'This is an accessible long-term profession, where jobs can be obtained anywhere around the globe. Chefs are some of the best mates you will find anywhere in the world.'

Award-winning pastry chef, Jason Mizzen adds, 'You need to focus on the positive. People who achieve success have been knocked down and must pick themselves up and keep trying. This takes heart. Some of the most successful people say to achieve success it is due to their failures.'

Hospitality engages enjoyment and fond memories.

"This book is a must-read for anybody wanting a realistic and truthful insight into the hospitality industry."
- Chef Michael Moore, O Bar and Dining.

You can grab yourself a copy of
Chefs Stories Unmasked direct from
Juliana Frances’ website.

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