Founded on Fabric

Founded on Fabric - Chef Works

Before Chef Works, there was fabric…

The brand you know has a story you may not.
Over 60 years ago, Chef Works was founded from a family fabric business!

Developing world class fabrics for fashion, uniform, and the general textile industry, the family saw a client base that just wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. It was then, that Chef Works was born out of inspiration for the wearer, the requirements of the role, the fabrics to suit the demands of those roles, and the pursuit of fashion. As you know, food is art and presentation is vital to the overall experience.

To this day, when designing our garments, the priority is to recognise the needs of its intended wearer, and tailor the right fabric and fit accordingly. We like to call it ‘The Mise en Place of Uniforms’.

Knowing your Chef Works fabric options can help you save valuable time and money, helping you select the right uniform - the first time, every time!

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What fabric should my Chef Jacket be made from?


Our Award Winning ‘Cool Vent™ Fabric’

Our Award Winning ‘Cool Vent™ Fabric’

  • Wicks heat and moisture away from skin
  • Washing machine friendly
  • Allows cool air back through to the body
  • Encourages evaporation
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Award-Winning fabric technology

Beat the heat! ‘Cool Vent’ jackets are hot property this summer, and all-year round. This moisture management technology is tailored for individuals working in hot environments, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable to do your best work.

The Bristol chef jacket features Cool Vent side and back panels, driving the movement of air where you need it most. Its modern, sleek cut allows you to retain your professional style, without compromising flexibility or durability.

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  • 159g Fine Twill Fabric (compared to the standard 210g chef jacket fabric)
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly (it's light weight means less water to wash)
  • Available in a variety of colours

When you’re moving fast, don’t be weighed down. Helping you to be at your most efficient during service, ‘Lite’ fabric supports you in gliding around the kitchen with unrestricted movements. This fabric is ideal for the chef who is fast-paced in a fast-paced kitchen. In other words, all chefs!

The Springfield Zipper Chef Jacket is made with ‘Lite’ fabric. Complete with an effortless zipper, it’s stylish, modern, short-sleeve look ensures you’re well presented - just like your culinary creations.


Super Combed 120 Cotton

Super Combed 120 Cotton

  • 100% Cotton
  • Longer garment lifespan
  • Pre-shrunk for accurate fit
  • Luxurious and refined feel for extreme comfort
  • Silky texture and appearance

Super Combed 120 cotton fabric is the finest in hand-picked cotton fiber, which is selectively woven into our Premium line of chef jackets. The cotton is combed to remove shorter fibers and impurities. This process results in finer, stronger and softer cotton.

Our Trieste Premium Cotton Chef Jacket is constructed with 180g, 100% Super Combed 120 cotton fabric. It is silky smooth to the touch, lustrous to the eye, and appealing to the most discriminating in stylistic tastes.

View our Super Combed 120 chef jackets.


100% Cotton

100% Cotton

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • All-natural fibers
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Softened

Cotton has natural cooling properties; it absorbs moisture, allowing your body to stay dry and your skin to ‘breathe’. Its strong fibers hold the garments shape and get even stronger when wet, making it ideal for frequent washing.

The Rochester chef jacket is crafted in 100% cotton. This essential jacket offers style and functionality. Luxury without the price tag, this short-sleeve, single-breasted jacket includes a covered zipper. The Rochester features Cool Vent™ side panels, side slits for increased body flexibility, dual sleeve pockets, and reinforced double-needle stitching, keeping you covered and ready to take on whatever the kitchen throws your way.

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If you need any advice on selecting the best uniform for you and your team, contact us.

At Chef Works, we are driven by those who are inspired by all things culinary. Fueled by the belief that every culinary professional deserves the right apparel and tools to enhance the work they do. We understand that the recipe for excellence goes far beyond simple ingredients.

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