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We talk to Chef Adrian. Founder, Director and Head Patissiere at The Pastry Emporium about his experience as a business owner, his inspiration, and the desire to share his passion. 

If you're planning a trip to New York, Chef Adrian also reveals where to find what he considers the best croissants you'll ever have.


What inspired you to open The Pastry Emporium?

I was brought up in hospitality. My parents have owned restaurants and cafes for the past 40 years. I admired them growing up and so I always wanted to open my own venue. I moved from the Gold Coast to Melbourne to do my apprenticeship at 24 and moved back up to open The Pastry Emporium. I was always going to move back to the Coast to be closer to my family.


Describe the challenges of opening up your own place and how you overcame them...

Small business is hard, very hard but it’s worth it for the creative control. Having your own place means you choose what ingredients you use, what products you make and what you call them.

One of my biggest challenges is finding staff who can manage the tough hours and work/life balance. However, I found that as The Pastry Emporium name became more established, people started coming to us for jobs, they see the quality and environment and want to be a part of it.


What is unique about The Pastry Emporium?

We make everything from scratch, everything is handmade and baked fresh every morning. We opt for local ingredients, for example, our croissants are made with flour from Brisbane and butter from New Zealand.


What inspires your new pastries?

Instagram, books, magazines….and travel - favourites include Tokyo (so much great pastry with a very French influence) and New York (visiting the Supermoon Bakehouse which is owned by a friend of mine, they serve the best croissants you'll ever have and have inspired our techniques).



What's your favourite dessert to make?

My favourite dessert to make is Tiramisu, simple because it reminds me of family. My parents are Italian, so I was brought up with it. And I love coffee!


Describe your favourite decorating technique...

Glazing. A high shine glaze can make almost any product more attractive. High shine glaze can be sensitive; the glaze must be the right temperature and the cake needs to be frozen to achieve the best, shiniest finish.


What's in the pipeline for The Pastry Emporium?

I am always aiming to produce a better product, we never stop evolving current products and introduce new techniques, recipes and ingredients.

Additionally, I am aiming to expand and share my passion for the Pastry Emporium by growing our wholesale offering starting cooking classes.


Your uniform of choice is the Morocco Chef Jacket paired with the PVC apron tell us why you chose this?

Morocco - I like the grey colour, it's not too heavy and I can roll up the sleeves easily.

PVC Apron – It’s easy to clean, no laundry, just wipe it down.


Chef Adrian Grazioli making his chocolate croissant at the baking trade show with our Morocco Chef Jacket and PVC Apron.

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