Apron Size Guide for Culinary Pros

Apron Size Guide for Culinary Pros - Chef Works

Date Posted: 1 September 2020 

Not all bib aprons are created equal. No matter what you’re up against, there's an apron for it.

From an oversized Chef’s Bib to the traditional Bib Apron and a Petite style, we’re breaking down our fits to help you choose the right apron, every time.


Chef's Bib Apron

Chef's Apron


Cut longer and wider than a traditional bib apron, the Chef’s Bib range is perfect when you need extra cover in the kitchen. Prepare to chop, rattle and roll with these heavy-duty apron fits.

The standard size is 102cm long and 99cm wide, in which you find many of our Urban Chef range, including the Berkeley (pictured above) and a personal favourite, the Rockford Chef Bib.

If you're looking for the longest possible option, that would be the essential Large Bib Apron, measuring 110cm long and 87cm wide.

If you want a little less length, then the traditional English Chef Apron should be perfect, measuring in at 99cm long and 94cm wide; slightly smaller than our standard Chef Apron sizing.


Bib Apron

Bib Apron


Conventional Bib Aprons are perfect for both chefs and servers alike, offering a shorter fit than the Chef’s Bib, while still providing the coverage and protection restaurant pros need. With the ability to translate to a variety of hospitality jobs and tasks, these do anything/go anywhere aprons work seven nights of the week.

The Urban Collection range, and the Berkeley, as shown above, all come in the standard measurements of 86cm long and 76cm wide.

Are you looking for a slimmer width? The popular and always value ready Bib Apron offers 86cm length and 70cm width.


Petite Bib Apron

Short/Petite Bib


Cropped at a shorter length, Petite Bib Aprons offer a flattering fit without compromising durability. Slimmed-down throughout the body width, this petite style is a lot shorter than the standard Bib Apron.

For those that like their aprons super short and skinny, the Three Pocket Apron, is a whole 25cm shorter than the standard bib apron, and 6cm slimmer.

The new Medford Apron also boasts a short version, at 64cm long, that's 22cm less than a standard bib apron. However, due to the fabulous wrap-around design, the width is a full 98cm.

Finally, as pictured above, the Berkeley Petite, is a little longer and wider, at 74cm x 74cm, whilst still offering a smaller all-round option to the accompanying Berkeley standard bib.


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At Chef Works, we are driven by those who are inspired by all things culinary. Fueled by the belief that every culinary professional deserves the right apparel and tools to enhance the work they do. We understand that the recipe for excellence goes far beyond simple ingredients.

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