1. Your restaurant/business

Canterbury League Club.

2. Describe your kitchens

I run 4 kitchen operations. This includes a bistro which seats 395 and a restaurant which provides a modern Australia dining experience and the banquet kitchen. The kitchens are and have to be fast paced and well organised.

3. Favourite Chef item and why

Well fitted, comfortable, stylish, useful pockets.

4. First job

At 16 years old, in Sri Lanka, I was a trainee chef for an intercontinental chain. The first lesson I learnt was to have good initiative – be a step in front and predict the unpredictable.

5. Your cookbook

I have thousands of recipes but no cookbook…yet.

6. Awards/Achievements

The achievement I am most proud of is when I see one of my young trainee chef’s progress and go on to achieve greater things.

7. Your cooking inspiration

My Mother. She taught me to experiment with herbs, spices and other ingredients. My cooking style has definitely changed to adapt to working in the industry.

8. Your speciality dish

I would say I don’t have a certain speciality dish. I tend to follow a style of putting a modern twist on today’s food. I cook for my customers’ needs

9. Favourite dish to eat

Seafood – I like its natural taste.

10. Weirdest thing you have ever eaten

Live octopus and Scorpion wine.

11. Favourite ice cream flavour

Hazelnut is my favourite.

12. Favourite Drink

Beer, Gin and tonic in the summer – Red wine, Scotch in the winter.

13. Favourite wine

A good Shiraz…accompanied with cheese.

14. Who would you most like to cook for

Anyone who enjoys food.

15. Who would you least like to cook for

Those who don’t appreciate good food.

16. Favourite things to do outside of the kitchen

Ride my motorbike. One of my favourite places to ride is through Oberon, Blue Mountains. Loads of wild mushrooms grow around here which I’ve picked and put into some great dishes.

17. Your latest project

We are expanding the Canterbury League Club to include a Bakehouse café, large production kitchen and a Gaming Kitchen which means hiring more staff and creating more dishes.

18. Favourite city and why

Sydney. The city has everything and gave a lot to me.

19. Your greatest indulgence

Travelling – especially exploring new cultural food.

20. Your all time best culinary tip

Everything has its presentation side – No matter what the ingredient, when plating up always allow the food to display its best side

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