Based in Melbourne, this inspirational Chef certainly knows how to satisfy the sweet tooth; he is an artist in the world of desserts and a genius in the kitchen.  Introducing our August Chef of the Month, Bernard Chu.


1. Your restaurant/business

2 pâtisseries in Melbourne! LuxBite (original store in South Yarra) and T by LuxBite (A Tart concept store in Melbourne CBD) Find us on Instagram: @LuxBite

2. Describe your kitchens

Tiny, organised, insane, fun, busy, overcrowded, tiny, passionate, creative, tiny, have I mentioned tiny?

3. Favourite Chef item and why

I love my cool vent and short sleeve so I only wear “Tours White Executive Cool Vent”

4. First job

Pastry cook at Lo Studio in Sydney.

5. Your cookbook

Working on it.

6. Awards/Achievements

I worked at Pier restaurant, which is the number 1 restaurant in Australia during my time at Pier. I also worked at a few other hatted restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne. But I guess my biggest achievement was having my own shop when I was 27, and also a huge success on MasterChef Australia with my creation, the ‘Lolly Bag Cake’.

7. Your inspiration to become a chef

Childhood memories, what I grew up with, where I come from. LuxBite is about Asian inspired flavours with French technique, so I am here to share what I like and where I come from, also to educate people about how Australian Asian desserts are more than green tea and black sesame.

8. Your speciality dish

I like everything I put on my menu because from planning to execution I did a lot of trial and error. Specialty? Wouldn’t have it because every time someone told me they like something, I always tell myself I COULD DO BETTER.

9. Favourite dish to eat

Too many. I have tried lots of things and I love lots of things!

10. Weirdest thing you have ever eaten

Monkey brain? I am joking. Sea urchin? Chicken feet? Cod sperm? People think a lot of Asian food are pretty weird but I personally think Vegemite is quite weird. No offense.

11. Favourite ice cream flavour

Mint and choc chip. Ohhh! Cookie dough as well! Wait! Peanut butter too.

12. Favourite Drink

Caffé latte

13. Favourite wine

Cascinetta – Moscato d’Asti – Piedmont.

14. Who would you most like to cook for

My dad. He passed away when I was 12 so he never knew my talent and sadly never tried any sweets made by me. Otherwise, I enjoyed cooking for all my customers, staff meal at work, and even at home.

15. Who would you least like to cook for

My grandma. You know why, she is a self-taught home cook but she is very precise with cutting and she makes her own stock at home. I remember assisting her with Chinese New Year dinner once, and I got yelled at. I love my grandma but I should leave all the cooking to her!

16. Favourite things to do outside of the kitchen

Gardening. I have a little veggie patch at home and boy, they are growing!

17. Your latest project

Cookbook and also working on C by LuxBite (C is for Chocolate)!

18. Favourite city and why

I love Melbourne that’s where I live. I love Sydney too because that’s where I got trained. I love my hometown that’s where I am from, but above all that, I love Tokyo for their culture, food, cakes, shopping, cakes, people, nightlife, cakes, have I mentioned cakes?

19. Your greatest indulgence

My expensive BAPE hoodie, sunnies, sneakers and jeans.

20. Your all time best culinary tip

Again, when someone likes your creation, tell yourself, I CAN DO BETTER and go from there.

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