Aprons - Chef Works

Chef aprons are one of the most important items of a chef’s wardrobe. Not only do they keep expensive chef jackets and daily wear attire safe from spills and splashing, but with their handy pockets they offer at-hand convenience as well. Chef aprons also provide a stylish aesthetic to suit different working environments. A bib apron offers full-body protection for kitchen staff, while a classic kitchen apron is a must for kitchen teams or front-of-house staff. For a modern twist on a traditional look, opt for a denim apron, or stand out from the crowd with a color apron or striped apron. Three-pocket waist aprons make serving a breeze, while reversible aprons make it easy for staff to quickly deal with unsightly spills. And for easy cleaning and maintenance, try our PVC and poly-blend fabrics. Available in a variety of lengths, styles, and patterns, our chef apron range has been specifically developed to suit a diversity of kitchen and service environments while ensuring that they meet high standards for comfort, durability and style.