Womens - Chef Works

From basics to accessories, build a full women’s chef uniform with our professional kitchen and chef wear range. Simple slim fitting women’s contrast shirts offer a sleek solution suitable for most café or bistro settings, while our women’s dress shirts impress. From solid black to light gingham, our dress shirts can be chosen to suit any dining setting. With several sleeve length, piping and front closure options, our women’s chef jackets and executive chef jackets lend comfort and crispness to your attire in the most demanding of kitchen environments. An essential part of any chef’s wardrobe, our women’s chef pants are available in a variety of cuts to ensure maximum mobility and preferred fit. Our women’s stretch pants and baggy pants emphasize comfort, while the multiple pockets on our women’s cargo pants are all about convenience. Structured trousers are also available, as are striking pinstripe, plaid and checked patterns for those who want to stand out in the kitchen. And to cap it off, our women’s beanies are the perfect accessory to maintain a smart look while ensuring comfort and convenience in the kitchen.