Tarte Au Surce

Tarte Au Surce - Chef Works

Morgan Clementson 1hour

White Bakers Flour 1.250kg
Eggs 0.660kg
Caster Sugar 165g
Salt 20g
Bread Improver 5g
Fresh Yeast 40g
Diced Butter 580g
Brown Sugar 1/3 Cup
Fresh Cream 200ml
Fine Diced Walnuts 50g

Part 1
Combine all part one ingredients into a small mixer and mix on low speed for about 5min on slow speed and about 3min on medium speed until it comes off the sides of the bowl, you may have to scrape the bowl down to help it come together.

Part 2
Then slowly add the butter half at a time into the mixer and mix on slow speed for another 5 min and then medium to high speed for another 5 minutes until It forms a nice soft yellow in colour dough, try avoid adding extra flour unless you need to.

Take out of the bowl put into a large bowl and cover with cling wrap or in airtight container. Leave out for an hour to rise, and then using a knife or dough cutter divide into 2-3 even parts.

Part 3
Using your hands and some light flour on the bench roll into a ball. Press down and then using a rolling pin roll out into pizza like shaped dough the size of an 8" cake tin.

Make sure your tins are very well greased, you can even use foil bake ware as a better less mess option. Leave for an hour or so to proof, when its doubled in size use your fingers and press about ten holes into the dough. Sprinkle each with a good amount the brown sugar, the pour 100ml of Fresh cream just enough to cover the top. Sprinkle diced walnuts on top or any other nut of your choice.

Part 4
Bake on the middle shelf of a 220 degree fan forced oven until golden brown on top, should take around 20min.

Serve hot or cold. A moreish dessert that is sure to be enjoyed with a nice cup of tea with friends.