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Our Partners - Chef Works

OzHarvest – Reducing Food Waste in the Hospitality Industry

Chef Works supports the critical work of OzHarvest, one of Australia’s leading food rescue organisations, providing uniforms for the famous CEO Cook-Off™ and Nourish Education Program, which helps at-risk youth through a Certificate II in Kitchen Operations.

Growing from a fledgling movement into an organisation leading the charge against food waste, we’re delighted to support their fight for sustainability in the hospitality industry.

OzHarvest reduces food waste in the hospitality industry through food rescue and donation programs while ensuring those who need it have access to a fresh, nutritious meal.

The White Jacket Effect – Support for Hospitality Workers

Supporting mental health in the hospitality industry is something deeply important to us, which is why we’ve partnered with the White Jacket Effect, who are committed to precisely that.

TWJE looks to improve the professionalism, performance, culture, and wellbeing of the hospitality industry and those who work within it. Facilitating conversations around common issues in the industry is an essential step towards resolving these problems for the better.

Chef Works works closely with the White Jacket Effect to design their specialty uniform, allowing hospitality workers across Australia to support the cause. To support the cause and get a white jacket of your own, visit our website.

Straight To The Source – Supporting Aussie Produce and Farmers

Food sustainability and helping local communities is close to our heart! That’s why we’re proud to support Straight To The Source, an Australian organisation that has been connecting foodservice professionals with Australia’s diverse food growing regions and their producers since 2012.

Founders Tawnya Bahr and Lucy Allon are the industry go-to’s for connecting front of house and back of house to ingredients, and each other, through their regional tours, consulting and online directory.

Colombo Social – Offering Help to Those in Need

PlateitForward is a multi-faceted, community-driven organisation providing food, cooking lessons, advanced kitchen training, qualifications, confidence and employment to Sydney’s disadvantaged community members.

While not only donating up to 1,000 meals a week, they actually employ, educate and train those with lived experience to be part of the collective team to solve social change.

Chef Works are proud to donate the uniforms for the future chefs learning at their training school, Ability Social, as well as their front of house team, comprised of incredible asylum seekers at their restaurant Colombo Social.

National Indigenous Culinary Institute – Supporting Young Indigenous Chefs

The National Indigenous Culinary Institute (NICI) is a program focused on providing Indigenous Chefs with the training and experience they need to rise to the top of their profession.

Offering positions in some of Australia’s most famous restaurants underneath established mentors, it’s an excellent chance for aspiring Indigenous Australians to prove their mettle and make a mark in the industry.

Chef Works supports this fantastic NICI initiative by supplying aprons, chef jackets, pants, and hats for these chefs looking to kickstart their careers in hospitality.

Lentil As Anything – Bringing Communities Closer Together Through Food

Here at Chef Works, we understand the importance of community – which is why we’re proud to support Lentil As Anything. This not-for-profit organisation focuses on using food to overcome social divides in local communities, bringing them closer together.

From sustainable edible gardens to barista training, Lentil As Anything have a wide range of projects operating across local communities. One of the most famous ones is “pay what you feel” restaurants, of which there are four in Australia. This restaurant model gives people from all walks of life a chance to sit down at a table and enjoy a delicious meal.

Chef Works is happy to provide the aprons for the Lentil As Anything restaurant in Newtown, Sydney.

Hospo For Life – Mental Health Awareness and Support

The mental health of all employees, stakeholders, and suppliers in the hospitality industry is of utmost importance. That’s why we’re supporters of Hospo For Life, an organisation that provides industry members with access to psychologists and mental health support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Through their work, Hospo For Life promote awareness of suicide, mental health, and general wellbeing within the industry. They also create funds to financially support the families of hospitality workers after a suicide or death.