Capabilities - Chef Works

From our corporate headquarters in San Diego USA, to our global manufacturers, distribution facilities and passionate employees, Chef Works continually invests in our people and infrastructure to keep pace with the demands of our clients. Our global network allows us to pass on the resulting efficiencies to our clients. So wherever in the world you purchase a Chef Works garment, the quality and style are true to our global standard.



At Chef Works we believe that having sufficient amounts of stock is key in allowing us to meet the demands of our fast paced clients. Whether its for an event or last minute shift, our customers can rely on us to have the item they need. Customers that would have to wait an extended amount of time for an order would simply sacrifice the comfort and style that we have to offer for a speedy delivery. Thats why Chef Works have several warehouses worldwide and are constantly replenishing stock levels. 

At Chef Works Australia, we currently have a warehouse full of fast-moving stock, which can easily be drawn from on a daily basis. If we do not have an item in stock, we can order it in from multiple locations around the world, with quick turnaround time, such as:

  • Chef Works USA 
  • Chef Works Canada
  • Shanghai Warehouse
  • Hong Kong Warehouse
  • Source it from other Chef Works branches worldwide


Customised Programs

Through our great relationships with our production factories, Chef Works has developed, and will continue to develop custom uniform solutions for corporate clients worldwide. Whether you’re a single location or have multiple locations worldwide, Chef Works can ensure that your staff is outfitted to increase brand awareness and maintain homogeny without sacrificing quality and affordability. Whether it is a full uniform solution for thousands of employees or a custom apron order, we have you covered. 

Chef Works has a proven track record for assisting large, multi-national companies in streamlining their uniform programs, resulting in significant cost savings, better inventory management, maximisation of ordering efficiency and creating a professional standardised look across all businesses.