The NEW Distressed Denim Trenton Shirts

The NEW Distressed Denim Trenton Shirts - Chef Works

Author: Chef Works Australia  

New Trenton Distressed Denim Shirt by Chef Works 

We make it easy for you to create a uniform…the only thing that should be distressed is your Denim!

Denim is an everyday symbol for style. It’s a popular staple in most wardrobes.

Distressed Denim has maintained its popularity for decades. Typically seen on jeans, we’ve transferred this famous trend onto a shirt to create a tailored streetwise look.

With Denim it’s easy to personalise your look. Denim has reigned in popularity because it matches almost anything. Mix up your style with a contrasting apron from the Phoenix collection or stick with the subtle tones by pairing the Trenton with a Dorset Apron.

Denim is worn by day and by night so depending on your venue, you can dress up or down your denim accordingly.

The Trenton shirts were developed in 100% Cotton Denim to provide the ultimate combination of fashion and functionality.

As history shows, Denim is an ideal uniform fabric. Originating as a material for physical labour workers, Denim has proven itself to be reliable and hardwearing thanks to its strength and durability.

This quality is ideal for heavy usage and washing, which is common to every team uniform.

As for the finer details; the shirts feature front and back yokes to add to the professional look. We’ve added pearl-top snaps which contrast in colour to bring the shirts to life. Not forgetting the sleeve pockets for functional convenience.



Mens Trenton L/S Indigo Blue Denim Shirt Mens Trenton L/S Black Denim Shirt



Ladies Trenton L/S Blue Denim Shirt Ladies Trenton L/S Black Denim Shirt

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