Get with Vintage Look with the New Dorset Aprons

Get with Vintage Look with the New Dorset Aprons - Chef Works

Author: Chef Works Australia  

The New Dorset antique washed apron family by Chef Works!

Dorset Aprons are charming and stylish with their Antique washed look.

How is something that looks antique so on-trend?

The vintage and antique style is full of character and charm. This authentic and rustic look brings us back to the times before technology and encourages us to relax into an environment without the stresses that come with the contemporary world.

Antiques were often hand crafted with intricate and delicate care which is one of the reasons why they are now so cherished.

We’ve taken the washed out aged look and integrated it into a modern, on-trend apron family. The result is a combination of modern mixed with a delicate aged appearance which signifies time, knowledge and expertise. The overall look can be described as authentic and rustic, earthy yet industrial.

Don’t worry; even though they have an antique look, ironically, our aprons are designed not to age. Crafted to withstand heavy usage and continuous washing, the Dorset aprons (as well as all our other aprons) are made to last.

Like antiques these aprons will be treasured and appreciated.

When should you wear a Dorset Apron? Aprons aren’t just for in the kitchen. A Dorset can be beneficial and look great whilst gardening, for carpentry work, baking and even for painting and crafts.

As for the finer details; these aprons are 100% Cotton making them breathable and soft. We’ve crafted them with functional pockets with riveted ends, metal eyelets, and an adjustable neck strap (bib).

Pick your colour: Earth Brown or Pewter

Pick your style: Chefs, Bib, ½ and ¾ options!

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