The 10 Biggest Sellers of 2019/20

The 10 Biggest Sellers of 2019/20 - Chef Works

Author: Mike Lyne  


We love our products like children, and we love them all equally. But like children, some are more popular than others.

The right products successfully leave the nest and head off into the working work, and not linger at your place longer than you hoped.

Here is the countdown of our top 10 sellers from the 2019-20 financial year.




Cool Vent Chef Beanie

Cool Vent Beanie

Given this countdown is based on revenue sold, for a lower-cost product to make the top ten shows the number of units that this small but mighty product moves every year.

Keeping heads cool around Australia and New Zealand is the Cool Vent Chef Beanie.


Montreal Jacket

Montreal Jacket Black & White

Famous for its classic double-breasted, cloth-covered button looks, mixed with the modern lightweight and ultimate Cool Vent back. It's a timeless look that keeps the Montreal high in our sales rankings year-on-year.




Cannes Jacket

Taking out both 8th and 7th place is the Chef Works Australia exclusive Black (8th) and White (7th) Cannes Chef Jacket.

In my opinion, the best value product we have. For an RRP of $39.95, you get the same fabric technology of our most popular (and more expensive) jackets, this is the perfect selection for those that love the short-sleeve, single-breasted, lightweight Cool Vent jacket, but wish to swap out the zip for a stud-button closure.

Customers say:

'It is a great value for money.'

'Super light and comfy highly recommend.'




The Bib Apron

F8 Aprons

Our 'essentials' range was our 'bread and butter' for years. The 'does what it says on the tin' range of uniforms, offer durable, no-frills workwear for a budget price.

The Bib Apron is the very epitome of this. Function at a great price. Boasting 13 colours and an RRP of less than $18. This sells in BULK and would sit second if based on quantity sold.

Customers say:


'I purchased these for the staff at our bakery. We work in a very messy environment, and I am extremely pleased with the quality of these.'




Hartford Chef Jacket

Hartford Jacket

Cool literally and figuratively. 160g lightweight, Cool Vent fabric and single-breasted with zipper closure.

It's your Cool Vent zipper jacket option in long sleeves. It feels executive, even if the price point doesn't. 

Customers say:


'Purchased this chef jacket, all I have had from chefs at work is comments on how awesome it looks! Great product will definitely buy more, very comfortable to wear!'




Lightweight Slim Chef Pants

Before the Lightweight slims, the industry had a choice of baggy pants, or…well baggy pants. Don't get me wrong *spoiler alert* baggy pants still sell BIG. But a large number of chefs were looking for something a little more form-fitting.

Since their launch, the lightweight, slim pants have grown in popularity, to match the move towards culinary 'fashion'.

Customers say:


'Form-fitting waistband has been a dream.'




Essential Baggy Pants in Black & Check

Proving, like The Beatles, the classics live on, the Essential Baggy Pant in check (3rd spot) and black (2nd spot) are mainstays in our top sellers.

Every Chef needs a reliable pair of pants; ensure you have pants in your range, as they provide reliable sales.

Due to industry feedback of 'too bulky and too big,' we streamlined the fit and cut of our chef baggies last year. You can find the updated size chart here.

Sized from 2XS – 7XL, these have your customer covered…literally.



Springfield Jacket

This jacket has become synonymous with the modern Chef, often seen as the wardrobe of choice for TV Chefs around the world. It's the ultimate in stylish kitchen wear, and not only does it look great, but the fabric technology is also next level!

For those not familiar with the Springfield, it is the original zipper chef jacket. Featuring short sleeve, single-breasted, lightweight, Cool Vent technology.

Available in men's, women's, and 7 colours (4 for women). The Springfield jacket has outsold all other products in orders, units, dollars, everything, with no sign of slowing down. It's an absolute 'no brainer' to have front and centre in your product marketing.

Customer's say:

'You can imagine that in 42 years of chefing I had many jackets. I discovered Springfield about 4 years ago and nowadays I even stipulate in employment agreements that I'm allowed to wear instead of issued ones.'

'I've been a chef for over 10 years and I've never found a jacket comparable to the Springfield jacket!'

Marketing material is available for the Springfield here.


So that's it! A worthy winner to a list filled with heavy hitters. If you're looking to update your stock and product offering, pop your details in the below form, and we'll be touch to help you do so.